in media res in high res.
this is a photo capturing a moment where i felt truly warm and happy and comfortable

this is a photo capturing a moment where i felt truly warm and happy and comfortable

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Anonymous asked: Then make like the wind and blow off

do you ever feel like a plastic bag ??

i just want to make things that will mean something to someone who i have never met and never will meet

theo’s cat has been meowing endlessly and he doesn’t understand. he has been using smirnoff’s meowing in conversation for one of two reasons. one being that he genuinely wants to know why his cat is meowing and the other being that he genuinely wants to be having a conversation.

smirnoff’s meows sound exactly like a human voice saying “hello.”


3 out of 4 doctors say that if you stay up past 2 in the morning, you are 75% more likely to do it again the next night

I completely made that statistic up but you believed it because you’re reading this at 2:01 am and the only person “online” is that guy you met at a party last semester

this is the way the world ends. not with a bang, but with a “hey lol you’re still up too?”

keep having the thought when regular day to day type things happen of “now this is some dystopian shit.”

comforting human touch could be described as an endless string of the word “now” or an endless string of the word “there.”

the words themselves start to lose their meaning and the repetition gives them an entirely new one, the meaning of an echo.

now now now now
there there there

i want to be the process of psychological conditioning that it takes for someone to accept the way a bird moves or a tree grows or a human weeps as “natural.”

im drinking tecate and feeling sinister.

theo told someone that they look like a david lynch film.

im hiding cigarette butts underneath rocks and i hope that it rains tonight so that they can become flowers or trees.

"it’s easy not to restrict myself and i love knowing that i did things 1000% no matter what."

the man at the gas station across the street is talking about the impending doom of america over a small amp attached to his waist.

i had pumpkin pancakes and a strawberry milkshake for breakfast at 3pm and now i am walking alone.

the taste in my mouth would probably be sweet to other people but it tastes bad in my own so i don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that i didn’t try to kiss someone.

putting your head against the shoulder of someone nice
putting diamonds in the garbage disposal

"but it wasn’t even a normal rat tail. it was like an alternative rat tail."

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