in media res in high res.

i gave this guy a golfball that i found and he said that he is going to keep it in his car forever

(Source: javierbordom)

the cigarette is a white christmas tree filled with molten lava

the boy is a foreclosed factory with all of the factory workers still standing around machines 

the car is a car with a working stereo picking up under ocean frequencies

the girl is a mouthwash gargled and garbled and spit into porcelain sinks

a metronome in the hedges of a liquor store parking lot
a yellow “thickly settled” sign under artificial light
a bout of swaying holding knees pressed together

and the thorns that keep your head in place will stay intact
and maybe you will shed a petal on the lawn of someone who matters
and you’ll drink water from sinks with leaky faucets
and the sun will make your stomach shine
and something will 
and you’ll continue 

if you hold a diamond long enough in your tired hands, it will become a piece of coal 

i wanna collapse on every lawn of every neighbor 
with their sprinklers going at 4 am // thought earlier
about goldeness about mostly the sun but also myself

i wanted to crack myself open and let my goldeness
coat all of the people that i care about, i wanted them
to be dripping w goldeness like sweet pure honey
over their bodies and over their minds // coat their
brains in sugar stickiness and suffocate anything
that doesnt resemble a sunset

at 4 am the crickets were a brain massage that
persuaded me not to fall asleep in the fake rain
and told me that i could do what i wanted w/o 

are you a giraffe ?

are you a giraffe ?

a piss warm coca cola
shaken for slow centuries
by the smooth hands of
doctors and recluses
uncapped at the base
of your skull and it
gives you a headache
and a moment and
a punch to the stomach
and then it leaves you
and it stings when it
leaks out your nose

birdcalls are either questions or answers; depending upon what you need, it will be the opposite

when the sticky part of the masking tape gets too weak and the piece of paper that says “free” in sharpie falls off of a piece of broken furniture and onto the sidewalk, the world is yours; you can take it.

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